Pixelda Software Limited is registered as a company in England and Wales; number 3319003

Registered Office: Barclays Bank Chambers, 18 North End, Bedale. DL8 1AB

VAT Registration Number 686 731 885

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Pixelda Software Limited

Text Box: Where did the cat come from?

A book published by Robert A. Heinlein called The Cat Who Walked Through Walls includes (quite late on) a cat called Pixel who (as part of the story) is able to walk through walls.

About Us

Phone UK: 01609 748052

Phone Outside UK: +44 1609 748052

E-mail: Enquire@pixelda.com

Pixelda Software began life in mid August 1991 and has expanded its horizons since that day.

Starting in Sussex, but now based in beautiful North Yorkshire since 1992 , Pixelda Software has provided direct and indirect software services to many blue-chip companies, including;

 Bioteco (Italy)

 Coca-Cola Enterprises

 Fedegari (Italy)

 Genzyme Pharmaceuticals


 Northern Electric

 Poulter Group

 Specdoc Ltd

 Steritec (UK)

 Swaledale Boot Company

 UK Government


Our services have been requested over long periods and repeat business is healthy.

See our service list for the wide range of services we offer.


Managing Director Stephen Byard holds a degree in Pure Mathematics and Computing, and is a Chartered Member of the British Computer Society.

Having built a computer from a kit of hundreds of parts in 1978, programming would inevitably follow. With 4Kbytes of RAM and an 8K BASIC interpreter, battle was joined. Now 26 years later, typical development PCs at Pixelda have 2Gbytes of RAM!

Text Box: This inspired the name of the company as well as two British Blue female cats.