Pixelda Software Limited is registered as a company in England and Wales; number 3319003

Registered Office: Barclays Bank Chambers, 18 North End, Bedale.  DL8 1AB

VAT Registration Number 686 731 885

Pixelda Software Limited

A number of related systems are currently under development based around data collection and business processing.  The diagram above gives an example of some ideas for the system.

System architecture is based around Microsoft Dot Net components, including Web Services, Windows, Web Pages, and Windows Applications.  The system will run on everything from a stand-alone PC or laptop, through to corporate environments.

The process is XML driven (rather than simply using XML for interfaces) and makes extensive use of XML ideology in the systems processes.

A driving force behind this new system is the robustness in supporting change within the system and allowing different versions of data collection / business process support to operate simultaneously side-by-side.

Data Administrators can manage collected data both within an instance (or version) of the collection process, or across multiple (separate) instances.


Text Box: Data Collection / Project Management System