Pixelda Software Limited is registered as a company in England and Wales; number 3319003

Registered Office: Barclays Bank Chambers, 18 North End, Bedale. DL8 1AB

VAT Registration Number 686 731 885

Pixelda Software Limited

Who else?

Storing for the future

Data is one of the key assets that a company can own. If information is power, then data is the driver behind that information.

Pixelda Software have been engaged on Financial Data Migration and other Migration activities, acting as Data Manager and Data Architect.

We have also recovered lost data from systems and documents as well as advise on data accuracy, quality, and integrity, as well as how to store, backup, and manage data.

Once you have it, it is yours to keep safe

Phone UK: 01609 748052

Phone Outside UK: +44 1609 748052

E-mail: Enquire@pixelda.com