Pixelda Software Limited is registered as a company in England and Wales; number 3319003

Registered Office: Barclays Bank Chambers, 18 North End, Bedale.  DL8 1AB

VAT Registration Number 686 731 885

Pixelda Software Limited

Some recent projects created by us, or in development

A system that can be used to collect data using web services and web sites or Windows applications.  Allows multiple versions of any data collection to run side-by-side and match / export data across versions.

C#, ASP.NET / XML / XSLT, any database

A Single user invoicing system for quickly creating invoices without having to learn complex accounting structures.

VB.NET, Access / MSDE, Crystal Reports

An Access based single user database for maintaining customer information and preferences.

Access / VBA

An automated project management documentation system to lead project managers through complex project activities and minimize “secretarial interaction” with the system.  Includes tools to add common reference data and view percentage complete & quick jump-to document items

MS Word / VBA

Taking data from a Data Warehouse or uploaded spreadsheets, utilises ArcIMS to the full in producing multi-layer GIS Maps to any zoom level and multi-presentation formatting.

VB.NET, ASP.NET, Javascript, SQL Server

Data Collection / Project Management System

Automated Management System Documentation

Customer Database

Quick Invoice

GIS Web Site

Project List